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isn’t there a part of the bible where god gets mad at a fig tree for not having any figs on it and curses the fig tree?

yeah there legit is that’s 100% true


Oh my god

last time we reblogged this we got anon hate from the christian community. You guys really are passionate about your figs.

No, I have… there’s a movie I want to watch on TV. Sleep tight. See you in the morning.

The X-Files - 1x11 - 'Eve'


BONES DON’T READ THIS ok this one’s for spock. you know how you always say fascinating and you’re like “fascinating” and sometimes you’re like “fascinating” and you raise your eyebrow and you’re thinking “fascinating” and ok bones isn’t reading this anymore i definitely touched some flowers on the away mission when bones made me promise not to. my hand is purple and kinda glowing. we gotta fix this


Nobody is saying anything at the dinner table tonight,
because everyone is too angry.
The only noise is the clinking of fine silver on bone china and
the sound of other people’s children playing outside
but this will give you poetry.

There is no knife in the kitchen sharp enough to cut the tension
and your grandmother’s hands are shaking.
The meat and yam stick in your throat
and you do not dare even to whisper, please pass the salt
but this will give you poetry.

Your father is breathing out of his mouth
he is set to beat the spark out of you tonight
for reasons he isn’t even sure of himself yet
You will come away bruised.
You will come away bruised
but this will give you poetry

The bruising will shatter
The bruising will shatter into black diamond
that you will use to make your eyes shine.
Maybe your life will work.
Most likely it wont at first
but that
will give you poetry.




Yrsa Daley-Ward, ‘bone.’

now available at

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wow look at this terrible role model for young girls.




"I’ve got 99 problems and the media’s representation of immigrants and people of color as a whole - covers like 97 of them."





When you see me show me your bachelors, show me your masters. That’s the best thing you can do for me, as my fan.


i haven’t found the source video yet.

I love the way Nicki encourages people with education. I’ve seen her ask about report cards on Twitter and tell young people to bring their C’s up to B’s and B’s up to A’s. And this quote is too awesome. ❤


A selection of creatures from Serpentum, et draconum by Ulisse Aldrovandi, 1640.

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